Choose a Specialist Vet for Your Four-Legged Friend

Choose a Specialist Vet for Your Four-Legged Friend

Specialist vets are different to a GP vet, because they offer a higher level of service and expertise in their area of veterinary medicine. Veterinary specialists are experts in their chosen field and provide assistance with serious and complex ailments.

Some of the areas they can potentially specialise in include feline medicine, canine medicine, diagnostic imaging, critical animal care, animal cardiology, internal pet medicine and emergency animal care. Specialist vets must have many years of additional training in their field and pass through a series of thorough examinations before they receive accreditation. This education is important, because it ensures your pet is receiving the very best in animal hospital care possible.

What’s the Difference Between a GP Vet and a Vet Specialist?

Specialists treat only sick animals and are used to seeing complex, unusual and hard to manage medical conditions. They don’t provide pet vaccinations, flea control, desexing or microchipping that GP vets provide.

Importantly, your vet specialist will work closely with your GP vet to ensure your pet is receiving the best treatment possible. This means that they keep in touch via regular communication. Vet specialists and their colleagues in after hours vet hospitals offer 24-hour pet care whether your pet is in an animal hospital in Sydney or at home.

Emergency Situations Require Advanced Pet Care

If your pet requires emergency or complex medical treatment, it is vital that they be taken to see a vet hospital who has a vet specialist with a skill set that matches the required area.

Your vet specialist provides guidance throughout the entire investigation and treatment process to ensure your animal is getting the best care possible. They will be there to provide ongoing treatment within an animal hospital such as Eastside Veterinary Emergency & Specialists in Sydney, where the necessary tests, treatments and medications are present.