When is Dog Vomiting an Emergency

When is Dog Vomiting an Emergency

Dogs that are vomiting are one of the  most common reasons we get calls for advice here at Eastside Veterinary Emergency & Specialists. You may require an emergency vet if your dog is vomiting – however in many cases you will not. But how to tell?

Why Does My Dog Vomit?

In many instances, your dog is vomiting because their stomach is irritated, usually because they have eaten something that has disagreed with them. However there are many other causes of vomiting. Dogs can get bacterial or vial infections that affect the stomach; inflammations of the pancreas that can make them nauseous and vomit; eat objects that get stuck in their digestive tract; have metablic problems that cause vomiting; and many many more reasons.

How Do I Know If My Dog is Nauseous?

Sometimes you can tell when your dog is going to vomit or they are nauseous. Common signs of nausea can include drooling, lip smacking, reluctance to eat (though many other things cause this) or dry reaching.

When does my vomiting dog need to see an emergency after hours vet?

If your dog only vomits once or twice and is still bright and happy and eating and drinking then you may choose to wait and monitor your dog at home. What’s really important is knowing what signs to watch for and to get your dog to the animal vet if vomiting continues to occur.

If your dog is an adult dog and is vomiting multiple times within a day, is lethargic, or is vomiting and not eating/drinking then we recommend an immediate visit to a vet.  These signs along with vomiting may indicate a more serious condition and could be a cause for alarm.

If you are not sure, the safest thing is always to visit a vet for an assessment. So, if you are concerned your dog is in trouble and requires emergency vet treatment, call Eastside Vets on 02 9371 6959. We have an emergency, 24-hour vet service available in Sydney to treat your dog regardless of the time of day or night.