Does he need to go on a diet?

Obesity is one of the most common diseases affecting pets in western society. In Australia studies report that between 20% and 45% of the dog and cat population are clinically obese. Many illnesses are related to obesity including arthritis, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and cancer that unfortunately compromise the pet’s enjoyment and length of life.

New Budgie or Cockatiel

This is always fun and exciting, but there can be confusing decisions to make. Do I get a boy or a girl, hand raised or aviary bird or a very young or more mature bird? Here is some information to help you choose. Budgerigars generally live about 8-10 years, but can live to 15 years. Cockatiels live ....

Courteous cats

Cats are often thought of as independent or aloof. Rudyard Kipling so famously described “the ‘cat who walked by himself”. But the truth is that while cat’s can be very self-sufficient animals many of them are actually very social and love company. Early training can teach you kitten to enjoy human company and just as you can always teach an old dog new tricks, so too can you teach an old cat new tricks! To help your kitten become a happy...

Feline AIDS – Is your cat protected

In Australia it is reported that between 14% and 29% of cats are positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). FIV is spread from cat to cat through bite wounds. Spring is the time where cats venture out and are more likely to get into trouble.

Tooth brushing in dogs and cats

Pets can’t brush their teeth, but just like people, dogs and cats are at risk for dental problems that can cause pain and serious health issues. Your pet is counting on you for dental care to stay healthy and happy.

Beware of snakes

With the arrival of spring, snakes are posing a greater threat to pets as the warmer weather and dryer conditions put an end to their winter hibernation. Snakes are beautiful, peaceful creatures....they are only dangerous if the rest of us!

Dog Vaccinations Annual or Three Yearly

Once a year you come in to the vet with your dog and they have their annual vaccinations. It’s usual routine, right? Well, as we learn more and more about our pets and as veterinary science advances some of our routines need to change. This is all part of the science of...

Common Diseases Of Pet Ferrets

Fun, fascinating and forever into mischief. Ferrets make great pets but be you need to be aware of the diseases they are susceptible to and how to prevent them. Some common conditions of pet ferrets include diarrhoea, distemper, human influenza, parasites, ringworm, and various types of cancer.

Skin Problems in Guinea Pigs

Many factors can cause skin problems in guinea pigs, including parasites, fungal infections, scurvy, barbering and abscesses. While some problems can be treated easily at home, it's best to seek veterinary advice if a skin problem persists.

Caring for Wild Baby Birds

In the spring and summer, it is not unusual to encounter a baby bird on the ground. Although our immediate response is to help the little critter and take it home, caring for wild baby birds takes skill, knowledge, experience, patience and a lot of time. People trained in bird care have the best chance of rehabilitating the bird and allowing it to return to the wild, so don’t attempt to do it by yourself.

Housing Pet Ferrets

Ferrets make wonderful pets, provided you have the time and patience to care for them properly. They love company and are quite mischievous little creatures. Bins, lounge chairs, drawers, toilet bowls, behind fridges and washing machines, in cupboards, and air ducts are all likely places that a ferret will find, so, firstly, you will need to ferret-proof these to stop your ferret escaping or being injured.

Common Diseases of Pet Rabbits

Common conditions of pet rabbits include snuffles, hairballs, parasites, overgrown incisors, uterine cancer, and sore hocks. Fortunately, with proper attention to your rabbit's diet and living requirements and with daily handling, many of these diseases can be prevented. If you notice any changes in your rabbit's normal habits then you should seek your veterinarian's advice.

Care of Day Old Chickens

You will be delightfully surprised if you decide to raise chickens and then have them as pets but you need to know what chooks (as they are affectionately called in Australia) are like as pets and what the basic principles of chook parenting are.

Keeping a Budgerigar

The budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), also known as a parakeet or more commonly a budgie, is the most popular pet bird worldwide. This small and beautiful bird originates from the drier regions of Australia. Their natural habitats are dry open plains, woodlands bordering waterways and sparsely wooded grasslands.